Maritime Unmanned Vehicles

S3’s experience in developing Concepts of Operations, employment strategies and tactics for Unmanned Maritime Vessels includes afloat asset protection, forward ISR operations, and fisheries enforcement. S3 develops integrated systems of vessels and sensors over a range of vessel sizes and capabilities.

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

USVs can be remotely piloted from shore bases and other vessels, or they can operate autonomously using pre-programmed mission parameters. USV’s can be operated under more extreme conditions than manned vessels and can have extended ranges. They can operate independently or together with mother ships and carry modular sensor packages and a variety of enforcement tools including:

  • USVs can be remotely piloted from shore bases and other vessels, optionally manned, or operate autonomously using pre-programmed mission parameters
  • Missions include remote base resupply, offshore pickets, undersea sensor installation, mine laying, EEZ patrols
  • USV’s are a force multiplier for Illegal, Unreported Unregulated (IUU) fishing observation and interdiction
  • S3 capabilities include concept development, system requirements definition, ConOps, engineering development, test and evaluation support

USVs are cost effective to purchase and operate and can provide an exceptional surveillance and enforcement tool. They can be utilized as persistent sensor and enforcement platforms, EEZ patrols, and as pickets to extend surveillance ranges of manned platforms.

Littoral Connector Unmanned Resupply

  • LCUR is a multi-mission bow-ramp high-speed craft
    • Unmanned/optionally manned/remote controlled
    • 52 ft LOA, 16 ft beam, 2-3 ft draft
    • Up to 40 knots
    • 400 mile max range
    • 30,000 lb max payload
  • Proven catamaran planing hull, in production
  • Diesel-Waterjet propulsion
  • Proven autonomous control system



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