Renewable Ocean Energy Technologies

S3’s renewable ocean energy experience includes evaluation of concepts for floating offshore wind systems; engineering assessments of wave energy converters; design of moorings for offshore wind systems; development of concepts for conversion of offshore-generated electricity into transportable products; and siting analyses for ocean energy systems.

Offshore Electricity Generation

In many parts of the world, a usable wind resource is located relatively far offshore in waters too deep for conventional fixed-tower wind energy systems. It is estimated that 80% of the world’s offshore waters suitable for wind turbines near major population centers are in deep water. Floating offshore wind systems have particular challenges, including waves in the open ocean; distance to shore for exporting electricity; and environmental concerns with the mooring systems. S3 has worked with floating wind energy developers to address all of these challenges. S3 staff worked on development of an approach to convert Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), wave-generated or floating offshore wind electricity to a transportable product (hydrogen or ammonia). The image shows a concept for a Floating Production, Storage and Transfer vessel for ammonia production from offshore wind.

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