Example Projects

S3 applies the broad and deep knowledge and experience of our staff to develop innovative approaches for military, law enforcement and civil maritime requirements. Some examples include the following:

  • Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated (IUU) Fishing: S3 is developing Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) systems to leverage maritime assets of small navies for interdiction of IUU fishing for smaller countries that have extensive Exclusive Economic Zones. USV can extend the reach and duration of fisheries patrols without the expense of full-size ships and crews. USVs with the appropriate sensors, controlled from shore or a mother ship, can identify illegal vessels and activities, and depending on the Concept of Operations, can take action against illegal fishers.
  • Port and Harbor Security: USVs can supplement, and in some cases, replace Harbor Security Boats (HSBs) for port and harbor patrols and for response to intrusions. Autonomously or remotely controlled, USVs can patrol perimeters, establish no-go zones and perform other security tasks currently done by HSBs. S3 has developed system configurations for integrating USVs into other harbor security systems.
  • Offshore Asset Protection: Offshore assets (e.g., oil and gas platforms) in several parts of the world (e.g., West Africa) have been subject to attack and in some cases boarding. Unmanned systems can provide early warning and deterrence against such attacks.
  • Arctic: Working with partners, S3 is developing a system concept for an expeditionary advanced base for Arctic operations, including surveillance, fisheries and resource enforcement, search and rescue and other operations. The concept offers a cost-effective means to extend US Navy and Coast Guard presence in the Arctic.


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